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Heh... heh... ^_^'

Monday 2-20-07 11:40pm
Yo... heh... heh-heh... been awhile, eh?
(Yes, yes it has SM)
Anyway, sorry. A LOT has been going on since September. Getting a laptop (sounds stupid I know, but it has taken drastically from my art time), crashing my car (I'm fine, thanks...), and assorted school plays not to mention that little thing called schoolwork, I've been swamped.
(Don't listen to her, folks. She's just a lazy procrastinator.)
So, instead of posting the seventh comic like I should;
(She's done everything except edit and color it, the slackbitch.)
I've posted the neato/spiffy drawing/coloring of SM/Crystal.
(It's actually pretty cool. You should go check it out, like now. Because of its awesome awesomeness.)
(Now that wasn't redundant AT ALL)
(Shaddup Red. I'm the rude commentator here.)
If those two don't mind, I'd just like to apologise for not having put anything up for months.
(Meaning she's brown-nosing again.)
(Seriously, STFU Red.)
(Make me, you blue pansey! RED RULES!!!)
(You're calling me a pansey? You have pink armor! And for the last time, Red sucks, blue rules. And if I have to tell you again, I'm gonna get Church to snipe you.)
(First of all, it's not pink. It's lightish red. and Secondly, everyone knows that Church can't hit shit with his sniper rifle.)
(Guess what? There's already a name for lightish red. PINK.)
Guys... Shut the FSP up. Now. The readers are getting confused.
So to leave you all with one last happy thought:
RED versus BLUE rocks my socks!!!
Not that any of you could tell, right? XD

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